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“We strive on using fresh and local ingredients in all our dishes to allow you to have the best experience possible at Lord Amherst. In addition to that, it allows us to cater to any special dietary needs that you may have. So sit back, relax and enjoy your stay. Cheers!”


Lord Amherst is a cozy traditional pub and new wine lounge addition are located on historic Dalhousie Street in downtown Amherstburg. Situated across from the Navy Yard Park, this rustic locale is the place to meet old friends for lively conversations over food and drink. We provide fresh, local ingredients,  top shelf beer, wine and drink selection.

About Us

Lord Amherst Public House is named after Lord Jeffrey Amherst who served as the first Governor General of British North America and was commanding general of the British forces in North America that defeated the French to acquire Canada for England. Amherstburg also owes its name to Lord Jeffrey.

Welcome to Amhertsburg.  Welcome to Lord Amherst.


***ON 2nd LEVEL - NOW OPEN***